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  My name is Bernice and I am basically just a normal high school teenager with a great imagination.

  I started to show appreciation to writing at the age of 7 when I created my first "story" about a dog (I even made a cover and an author page...)

 Since then I have been writing different stories throughout my whole childhood (I still have them!)  But I never really thought about sharing this side of me to anyone (besides my family) Until recently  when I found out my two favorite youtubers Louise Pentland (aka sprinkleofglitter) and Zoella  (aka  Zoe Sugg) had a blog.
                                                  So here I am! Giving blogging a try!

  So I hope I haven't bore you to death yet... And I would be so happy if you'd join me on my blogging journey :)

         Here's a treat for you :)                            

                          This is a picture of me meeting Veronica Roth (aka my fav author)

I also love photography but can't really put my finger on whether I'm good at it or not...


I'm out -->

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