Friday, April 15, 2016

Day of Silence...


     So... Today is 4/15 which is the day of silence.

    Now if you don't know what "The day of silence" is, it's basically a day to spread awareness about the effects of being bullied because you are part of the LGBT community, and also to remember the  ones who have committed suicide because of being bullied. At first I didn't even know about this day until well... yesterday... actually...

   But that's not the point...

   My school hosted an event to spread this awareness, such as students taping their mouth with duct tape, handing out flyers and poster or not talking for the whole day. To my surprise the majority of the students did participate in this event. Some other students who didn't know what was going on. (me included) just leave them alone and continued our day.

   However this one freshman in my class asked "Why'd some of the students duct taped their mouth?" in which I replied "They are spreading the awareness for the LGBT community who get bullied and kill themselves." The freshman replied (Wait... for it...)  "That's. so. stupid." <-- This! This is what blew my cap off! It is not their choice to be different! So instead of pinning him on the ground and slap him, I ignored him and so as the other students who had heard our conversation.

   Moral of the rant: Don't judge because you haven't experience/ understand it.

I'm out -->

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