Sunday, October 2, 2016

The best guide for lazy days

The best guide for lazy days

"Ah~ Today seems like a good day, let me open my windows for some fresh air" 
*Opens window, sees darkness* 
"Is it still night?" 
*Checks time, reads 6am* 
*Cue breeze*
*Closes the window* 

Hey guys! 
That's right, it's the time for dark mornings, early nights and cold days. It's finally fall (Or Autumn, whatever you call it) ! 

Don't get me wrong I love fall, it means pumpkin spice everything, halloween and sweater weather and a few months closer to Christmas! 

But it also means that you'll be stuck indoors a lot since you can't be bothered to get out with multiple layers. 

Here's a guide for all you lazy people out there! 


1) Of course the whole point of a cozy and lazy day is to get comfy, so get into your most comfortable wear and fuzzy socks

2) Obviously you are not planning to go out anymore, so get in your comfy bed, take out your favorite playlist, watch netflix and scroll through tumblr. 

3) It's not a lazy day without tea so make your favorite tea in your favorite mug

These are a few of my favorite teas:
~Bigelow Premium Green Tea:
 I got this a Jewel Osco for $12, and I love it because you can re use it so many times, it gives the rich taste of green tea but it's not bitter at all, it almost taste... sweet

~Twinning Lemon and Ginger Tea: 
At first I was a little skeptical when trying this, mainly because of the ginger taste. The reason why I bought this because it soothes your throat when you are feeling ill.  However this surprised me, there isn't a very strong ginger and lemon flavor like I was dreading for. It's mild and taste really good. Now I even drink it even when I'm not sick! 10/10 would recommend 

~Harry and David Raspberry spice tea  
I received this as a gift, and it has both the fruity and cinnamon flavour. Which means it's good! 

4) And finally, grab a book and read, while you're in bed or having the best time in the bath (with of course your bath bombs <3) 


I'm currently reading "The Selection" By Kiera Cass. So far it's a pretty good book, can't wait to finish it and give you guys a review! 

So I hope y'all can have a nice and cheeky relaxing day, because why not? you deserve it! 

I'm out -->