Sunday, October 2, 2016

The best guide for lazy days

The best guide for lazy days

"Ah~ Today seems like a good day, let me open my windows for some fresh air" 
*Opens window, sees darkness* 
"Is it still night?" 
*Checks time, reads 6am* 
*Cue breeze*
*Closes the window* 

Hey guys! 
That's right, it's the time for dark mornings, early nights and cold days. It's finally fall (Or Autumn, whatever you call it) ! 

Don't get me wrong I love fall, it means pumpkin spice everything, halloween and sweater weather and a few months closer to Christmas! 

But it also means that you'll be stuck indoors a lot since you can't be bothered to get out with multiple layers. 

Here's a guide for all you lazy people out there! 


1) Of course the whole point of a cozy and lazy day is to get comfy, so get into your most comfortable wear and fuzzy socks

2) Obviously you are not planning to go out anymore, so get in your comfy bed, take out your favorite playlist, watch netflix and scroll through tumblr. 

3) It's not a lazy day without tea so make your favorite tea in your favorite mug

These are a few of my favorite teas:
~Bigelow Premium Green Tea:
 I got this a Jewel Osco for $12, and I love it because you can re use it so many times, it gives the rich taste of green tea but it's not bitter at all, it almost taste... sweet

~Twinning Lemon and Ginger Tea: 
At first I was a little skeptical when trying this, mainly because of the ginger taste. The reason why I bought this because it soothes your throat when you are feeling ill.  However this surprised me, there isn't a very strong ginger and lemon flavor like I was dreading for. It's mild and taste really good. Now I even drink it even when I'm not sick! 10/10 would recommend 

~Harry and David Raspberry spice tea  
I received this as a gift, and it has both the fruity and cinnamon flavour. Which means it's good! 

4) And finally, grab a book and read, while you're in bed or having the best time in the bath (with of course your bath bombs <3) 


I'm currently reading "The Selection" By Kiera Cass. So far it's a pretty good book, can't wait to finish it and give you guys a review! 

So I hope y'all can have a nice and cheeky relaxing day, because why not? you deserve it! 

I'm out --> 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

The society we live in.

Hey guys! 

This week I feel like talking about something more personal. 

Something that has been bothering me for the past few weeks. 

We all live in a society where people tend to judge, whether is the new outfit you're wearing, or the current job you're trying to pursue. 

No matter what you do, good or bad. People will always pinpoint something bad about it and use it against you, causing you to feel bad about yourself or the hard work you have put in.

That's just the society we live in...

The reason why I'm writing this post, is because over the past few weeks I found out that my best friend and her group of friends are being bullied. 

She is the most special and amazing girl I have ever met, she's kind hearted, loyal and just the bestest friend you could ever have. And it just breaks my heart returning home to hear that she's being bullied and cries herself to sleep every night. 

Everyday at school, she puts up a fake smile in hopes that people wouldn't find out she's hurting inside. 

It only takes one second to hate one person...

People often wonder why would someone hate another person for no reason, when in reality the hater actually has a million reason (and a list too) to hate you. 

If you are going through what my best friend is going through, take my advice. 


1) When you grow older, you are going to look back and laugh at yourself for being so silly, for caring about someone who won't even be in your life in the future. 

2) They are just one tiny speck of dust that needs to be swept off. 
(Meaning: Cut out the people you feel that you can't be yourself with) 

3) Don't try to please people. Haters are ALWAYS going to hate. 

Hope this advice actually helps. 
Just thought I'd express my opinion. 

Have a nice day! 

I'm out--> 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

How to tie your hair with just a pen.

    How To Tie Your Hair With Just A Pen 


Imagine this- On a hot summers day, you're stuck in a classroom without any air conditioning. You reach into your bag for a hair tie, but you couldn't find one and realized you've leant it to one of your friend. So now you're stuck in the hot and sticky classroom without anything to tie your hair up... 

We've all been there- Which is why I want to share with you this cool trick my mom taught me when she couldn't find a hair tie in her purse. 

Here are five simple step of tying your hair with a pen. 

1) A pen or pencil (I prefer a pen because it's less pointy and sharp) 

 And that's it! So let's begin...

1. Hold your hair up like a pony tail and begin to twist it  

2. Continue to twist it until your hair forms like a donut bun 

3. Grab the pen and 'jab' it in the center of your donut bun

      4.  Start turning your pen clockwise along with your hair until you think it's tight enough

        5.  Once you think it's tight enough secure it by finding a small hole and try to insert your pen through it 

~Ta Da~

Your pencil bun is complete! This takes a lot of practice and patients, so don't be irritated when you don't get it in the first try.  

Now you don't have to worry about not having a hair tie! 

Hope this help! 

I'm out--> 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

The beauty of Spring

Ah~ Spring 

The season where all flowers start to bloom... Birds starts singing... Waking up with the sun smiling...It's a beautiful season... 


 Lady bugs starts showing up, spiders creeping up in your bedroom and mosquitos starts feeding on you...

But I mean... All beautiful things has their ugly side. 

After having months of cold snowy weather, I'm glad that it's finally getting warmer. I think it's safe to say you can change out your winter clothes to summer ;)(That's what I'm doing)


        I'm out-->

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Day of Silence...


     So... Today is 4/15 which is the day of silence.

    Now if you don't know what "The day of silence" is, it's basically a day to spread awareness about the effects of being bullied because you are part of the LGBT community, and also to remember the  ones who have committed suicide because of being bullied. At first I didn't even know about this day until well... yesterday... actually...

   But that's not the point...

   My school hosted an event to spread this awareness, such as students taping their mouth with duct tape, handing out flyers and poster or not talking for the whole day. To my surprise the majority of the students did participate in this event. Some other students who didn't know what was going on. (me included) just leave them alone and continued our day.

   However this one freshman in my class asked "Why'd some of the students duct taped their mouth?" in which I replied "They are spreading the awareness for the LGBT community who get bullied and kill themselves." The freshman replied (Wait... for it...)  "That's. so. stupid." <-- This! This is what blew my cap off! It is not their choice to be different! So instead of pinning him on the ground and slap him, I ignored him and so as the other students who had heard our conversation.

   Moral of the rant: Don't judge because you haven't experience/ understand it.

I'm out -->

Thursday, April 14, 2016

First Ever Blogpost!

    Here's something about me, I tend to regret things very easily. And I'll be honest with you here since it's just the two of us (wink wink). I'm probably going to regret doing a blogpost in maybe a couple of weeks later...

   But while I'm not regretting this decision yet, I'm going to give you a brief introduction about me.

1) I just turned 16 in March
2) I love sprinkles
3) Watching Youtube is like my part time job
4) I recently transferred from Hong Kong to the US (I will write a post about this)
5) I'm never done a blogpost before
6) I'm not the most open person ever
7) I love puns and jokes
8) I love writing but grammar isn't my best friend
9) And I love tea

 Basically sums up my life...

Maybe this blog will never be read by anyone, but it's something I can look back on like a diary and see how far I've changed...

Anyway, hope you have a nice day!

I'm out -->